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Blossom Spotless+ Concealer

Blossom Spotless+ Concealer provides a perfect coverage for your skin, leaving you looking and feeling flawlessly beautiful. While letting you

Blossom PRO HD Concealer

Blossom PRO HD Concealer Longlasting 24hr with Complete High-Definition Natural Coverage and also evens Skin Tone. Covers Dark Circles and Camouflages Darkness under Eye

Blossom Luxury Lipgloss

One luscious swipe of our luxury lipgloss gives your lips that

Blossom Setting Powder

Makeup isn’t complete without a setting powder. Setting powder keeps everything looking flawless for as long as possible. Our high-definition

Blossom Makeup BabySkin Tube Foundation

Blossom Baby Skin Tube Foundation
  • Hides Imperfections
  • Longlasting
  • Very Matte
Perfectly Flawless just like the Skin of a Baby, All a Lady needs to Draw the Attention of the Crowd. Available in 9 Shades Just for that Exquisite Melanin Skin of Yours.

Blossom African Queen Eyeshadow

Looking for an eyeshadow with an array of colours for every look possible?  Try Blossom Makeup’s African Queen 54Colour Eyeshadow

Blossom BabySkin Powder

Blossom Baby Skin Powder BEHOLD! It's that Powder you've all been Searching for. Ever Seen a Baby's Skin?
  • Smooth✅
  • Soft✅
  • Absolutely Gorgeous✅
  • Incredibly Cute✅
Just as its name Implies, It's sure to Give you a Baby Skin Finish. Available in 7 Different Complexions.

Blossom Makeup Her Nude Story Foundation

Blossom Makeup is set to wow you with her latest foundation – Her Nude Story Foundation. This doll moisturizes and