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Blossom African Queen Eyeshadow

Looking for an eyeshadow with an array of colours for every look possible?  Try Blossom Makeup’s African Queen 54Colour Eyeshadow

Blossom Eyeshadow Primer

Our show-stopping Eyeshadow Primer creates a very smooth and even base for your eyeshadow, enhancing the colours while keeping it

Blossom Makeup 35Color Shimmer Eyeshadow

Blossom 35Color Eyeshadow Yes Ladies, This is da Bomb....The Perfect Eyeshadow for Any Occasion. Is it a Party, A Wedding, Or a Date, Or even Just Casual Outing. This Palette got your back Hun.Come Give it a try and be Mindblown.

Blossom 3in1 Black Palette

Blossom 3in1 Palette All New 3in1 Palette with Eyeshadow, Bronzer and Powder, Made just for you. With 15 Beautiful Colors to pick from, both Matte and Shimmer, Make other Girls Jealous .

Blossom Makeup 35Color Matte Eyeshadow

Are you keen to revisit this ‘90s smokey eye trend that defines your inner strength? You can get that sexy

Blossom Makeup Scandalous Duo 2in1 Mascara

Blossom Makeup Scandalous Duo 2in1 mascara is lit with its double brush settings for lengthening and separating effects. It amplifies

Blossom 30Color Rainbow Eyeshadow

Blossom 30Color Rainbow Eyeshadow With 15 Matte Colors and 15 Creamy/Glitter Colors, Prepare to Wow the Crowd, Pull the Men, and Rule the Ladies. Eyeshadow made just for you.