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Blossom Makeup BabySkin Tube Foundation

Blossom Baby Skin Tube Foundation
  • Hides Imperfections
  • Longlasting
  • Very Matte
Perfectly Flawless just like the Skin of a Baby, All a Lady needs to Draw the Attention of the Crowd. Available in 9 Shades Just for that Exquisite Melanin Skin of Yours.

Blossom Makeup Her Nude Story Foundation

Blossom Makeup is set to wow you with her latest foundation – Her Nude Story Foundation. This doll moisturizes and

Blossom Makeup Brown-ish HD Skin Tint Foundation

Hey girl, are you looking to achieve a “no-makeup” look? If yes, then I strongly recommend  the “Brown-ish HD skin

Blossom Makeup Zero Flaws Foundation

Do you often feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed from constant comments about your dark spot or blemishes? Worry no more,

Blossom Makeup HD Tube Foundation

This is not your regular foundation. With the HD Tube foundation you get the benefit of a concealer and a

Blossom Makeup BabySkin Tube Foundation (Pump)

The Baby Skin foundation is back with a twist only Blossom Makeup can create. Here are some features you don’t